Sony PS-LX300USB Review


Think Twice

The most common gripe voiced by consumers and experts alike about Sony's PS-LX300USBturntable is the included software's incompatibility with Mac computers. Users also complain of frequent skipping when digitizing vinyl.

As a Sony PS-LX300USB expert review on says, you could buy a sound card for a computer and plug in an analog turntable and probably get superior results than you would with this model, and all for about the same price. Despite what Gadgetguy says, users posting reviews of the Sony PS-LX300USB on seem to like this USB turntable, both for its sound and price. The Sony PS-LX300USB (starting at $110, Amazon) does have a decent feature set, including an offset tonearm and a moving magnet cartridge, but it's missing several critical features, such as anti-skate and tonearm counterweight adjustment.

The bundled software will cause problems for Mac users, because this model is simply not compatible with that platform. Some users make this mistake and buy this inexpensive turntable anyway. A Sony PS-LX300USB user review on claims that if you download Audacity, the turntable will interact with a Mac although you won't be able to change any settings; another user found "VinylStudio" software on Apple's website that did the trick of making the two pieces of hardware interact.

Where to buy

Despite the instantly recognizable Sony name, and support for the product from some users, you might want to think twice about this turntable. Those missing critical features could cause some grief down the road.

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