Hoover U5140900 Tempo WidePath Bagged Upright Review



Less glamorous and feature-rich than other uprights in its price class, the Hoover Tempo WidePath U5140900 locks horns with competitors on power and filtration, and, as the name implies, a with 15-inch cleaning path.

Hoover U5140900 Tempo WidePath reviews generally consider this bagged upright vacuum a very good value, and reserve particular praise for the suction that many tag as "powerful." Users report it neatly draws up the sheddings of hairy dogs and anything else that comes under its sway, although a few reviews at Amazon say the Hoover U5140900 Tempo WidePath has a tendency to spit some larger pieces of debris, like small pebbles, out the back. Still, the vast majority is satisfied with its vacuuming chops on hardwood floors, tile, carpet, furniture and stairs, with several citing its high ratings by a consumer-products testing organization and others asserting it bests pricier models they have owned or tried and returned.

Its virtues aside, a few things about the Hoover U5140900 Tempo WidePath irk reviewers. Quite a few comments posted at Walmart rail against the hose, saying it's too short (despite the 6-foot length) and stiff and easily detaches from the vacuum when using it with the attachments. Reviewers also grouse about noise and some consider the build quality to be flimsy, claiming that little plastic pieces, like the height-adjustment lever, seem particularly vulnerable.

The Hoover U5140900 Tempo WidePath Bagged Upright (starting at $80, Amazon) features an allergen filtration system, which is said to trap 99 percent of dust and pollen particulates. It boasts a wide 15-inch cleaning path, 25-foot power cord, and 12-amp motor and weighs in at 19 pounds. The surface height adjustment can be set to five positions, and it comes with two extension wands, a dusting brush, a crevice tool, and an upholstery tool. The Hoover U5140900 Tempo WidePath is backed by a one-year limited warranty.

Power, performance, and price are reasons to consider the Hoover U5140900 Tempo WidePath, and, at least for budget shoppers, may outweigh reported disgruntlement with the hose. Most users seem thrilled at having saved a bunch of money by opting for this basic, no-frills model.

Raechel Conover

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