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Cheap Yoga Clothes Buying Guide

Our search for the best cheap yoga clothes turned up Old Navy fold-over yoga pants (starting at $15). These pants are our top pick in part because they work so well for so many different women.

They come in regular, petite, and tall lengths, as well as a capri style, and more than 1,400 online reviews are overwhelmingly positive. The Champion Double Dry women's training tank (starting at $12) is a good option if you expect to work up a sweat. The lightweight polyester fabric wicks moisture and roomy armholes allow freedom of movement. Mossimo leggings from Target (starting at $8) may seem like an incredible deal, but reviewers say they are too thin to stand up to a lot of working out. While they sport a wide, elastic waistband and incorporate spandex, they aren't as stretchy as yogis might need.

We've focused on yoga clothes for women here, but consumers of any gender can save money by making do with gear they already have. While yoga definitely calls for comfy clothing, baggy T-shirts are out. For one thing, they will ride up when you're in inverted poses. In that way, relatively form-fitting apparel is less revealing. An expert writing in Yoga Journal points out that tighter clothing offers the added benefit of letting a teacher check your form. As you move into various poses, you need cheap yoga clothes that will move with you. The right material and construction allows for that close yet flexible fit without binding or chafing, particularly when you start working up a sweat. That's why reviewers posting on Amazon admire the flat seams and moisture-wicking ability of the Champion Double Dry training tank. They say the "mock-mesh" polyester fabric breathes well and dries quickly. It's less absorbent than 100 percent cotton, so if you're sweating -- particularly if you're doing Bikram (or "hot") yoga -- the moisture won't weigh down your clothing or make it feel uncomfortable. The flat seams are designed to prevent chafing.

Sometimes the very word "yoga" entails a markup, and plenty of good cheap yoga clothes may not be marketed as such. The Champion tank is a prime example. In fact, online reviews suggest that consumers wear this top more often for running than for yoga. They testify that it's cut close to the body but isn't too snug and doesn't stick when they sweat. A reviewer who bought the top for yoga confirms that it stays in place, unlike looser shirts inclined to flop over the head.

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Online reviews also credit the Champion Double Dry tank for retaining its shape even after many washes. One consumer, who says she washes the top after every wearing, reports that it has stood the test of time without fading, stretching out, or coming apart at the seams.

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