Mossimo Leggings Review


Think Twice

These leggings from Target have a wide waistband that's not constricting and enough spandex to make them stretchy, but the material is thin and reviewers warn that a few washings can render them translucent. Reviews suggest these leggings are fine for wearing under dresses or skirts but not so great for a workout.

Mossimo Supply Co. leggings from Target may work nicely under dresses and tunics -- in fact, some reviewers consider them a wardrobe staple, calling them soft, comfortable, and easy to wear. However, many consumers posting Mossimo leggings reviews on the Target website suggest they're too skimpy to wear on their own, making them ill-suited for yoga. While they're thicker than tights, some customers report that they border on translucent, especially after a few washings.

The material is 95% cotton and 5% spandex, which gives the leggings stretch but no moisture-wicking properties. One of the best features, according to some Mossimo leggings reviews, is the wide waistband. Women are fond of the way it holds in the tummy area. Reviews indicate that the length is sufficient for tall women. The leggings come in basic black online, although apparently Target stores occasionally carry them in gray. Capris are available as well.

Durability is the real deal breaker here. The thin fabric doesn't seem to hold up to everyday wear and washing, much less strenuous physical activity. Mossimo leggings reviews complain of seams opening up after a few months, although some customers point out that the low price makes the leggings eminently replaceable.

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