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BEST DRY DOG FOOD. This brand of natural, dry dog food is gentle on the stomach and kind to the skin of a canine pet, and tasty to boot, owners say. AvoDerm boasts an impressive list of wholesome ingredients, such as high-protein chicken meal and salmon meal, and is free of preservatives, food coloring, and sweeteners.

For dogs with sensitive stomachs and skin, it's AvoDerm to the rescue, according to reviews. The Chicken Meal & Brown Rice Formula, for example, earns near perfect scores at several sites, including Amazon and Petco. Dog owners attest to the noticeable improvements in their pets' coats and skins and alleviation of allergies and stomach upsets on a diet of AvoDerm kibble. Speaking for their pets, they commend the taste and speaking as masters they laud the absence of wheat or corn, two ingredients that many animal experts say are associated with allergies and digestive problems. This brand provides what Daily Finance terms a "natural" diet with plenty of meat protein and no empty fillers at budget prices. The review further notes that pets tend to need less of such high-quality feed.

Some experts raise doubts about the inclusion of avocado in AvoDerm (starting at 9 cents/ounce, Amazon) kibbles due to concerns about possible toxicity, but others retort that avocado contains the fats, fiber, and vitamins critical to a dog's health, particularly its skin and coat. Given the positive effects noted in AvoDerm reviews -- no more flaking or itching; the appearance of softer, glossier coats -- pet owners clearly side with avocado's proponents.

AvoDerm dry dog food formulas contain choice ingredients. Good sources of protein -- chicken meal, salmon meal, and lamb meal (meal is a concentrated form of the animal protein) -- take star billing as the first or second ingredient in AvoDerm kibble formulas, some of which also contain additional protein sources, like herring and kelp meals. AvoDerm kibbles also include high quality carbohydrates, such as alfalfa meal, brown rice, oatmeal, and barley. Avocado is standard; ditto for the absence of meat by-products, wheat or corn, chemical preservatives, food colorings or sweeteners. AvoDerm produces a full line of dry and canned dog foods, with formulas geared to puppies and adults, as well as recipes that are grain-free. It offers a companion line of cat food.

After sifting through our research, AvoDerm clearly rose to the top of the dry dog food segment. The budget price combined with nutritious ingredients and glowing reports about its positive effect on dogs' skin and coats make this a hard-to-beat choice.

Raechel Conover

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