The First Years miSwivel Feeding Chair Review


The First Years miSwivel feeding chair gets the thumbs up in reviews for its small size and big features. Parents report that it edges up right to the table when strapped on a dining chair, slides under the table and out of sight when not in use, and travels well to outings with family and friends. The five-position recline garners strong support in The First Years miSwivel reviews at Toys R Us, where parents say it facilitates infant feeding and the chair's sides provide adequate support. Perhaps the greatest enthusiasm is reserved for the unusual swivel feature, which lets parents set the chair facing in different directions to suit whatever activity is going on; hair styling, for example, according to several reviews at Walmart. Parents also commend the easy cleanup -- cover and straps go into the wash -- although several comments assert the straps are too long and accessible to curious hands and wind up in kids' mouths.

The First Years miSwivel (starting at $42, Amazon) can be set at five angles, two heights, and seven swivel positions; the back comes off to turn the chair into a booster seat. The tray and insert are dishwasher safe, the seat cover is reversible and washable, and the safety harness is a 5-point system. The feeding chair weighs less than 10 pounds and accommodates infants as well as toddlers up to 50 pounds.

This portable feeding chair is undoubtedly a good buy. The swivel feature adds a novel dimension that many families welcome.

Emily Lugg

Emily Lugg is a freelance writer and writing tutor in the Writing Center at Ohio Wesleyan University. Always looking for the best investment for her family at the cheapest price, Emily uses research and consumer reviews as her sharpest tools for the savviest shopping.

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