Aurora AS810SD 8-Sheet Strip-Cut Review


The only strip-cut shredder we researched, the Aurora AS810SD 8-Sheet earns decent reviews for both performance and features. At Target users report that the shredder deftly handles the advertised eight sheets of paper in one pass and is generally efficient. Aurora AS810SD reviews at Amazon are slightly less favorable, however. Many users consider it reliable but a few posts note failure of the auto start/stop function and caution about overtaxing the machine in any given shredding session.

In addition to the usual paper, staples, and paper clips capacity, the Aurora AS810SD (starting at $30, Amazon) also handles credit cards through its 8.75-inch throat. CDs and DVDs can be shredded through a narrower dedicated slot. The resulting paper strips are 1/4-inch wide and CD strips are nearly 1.5-inches wide. According to the company website, the basket volume is 3.2 gallons.

Overall good reviews suggest the Aurora AS810SD is a worthy buy, but only if you can tolerate a lower level of security. Experts prefer confetti-like cross-cut shreds, especially for documents with personal information, so figure out what you'll be shredding before tossing this model into your cart.

Maralyn Edid

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