Royal CX80 Paper Shredder Review



This fit-anywhere cross-cut shredder features two slots -- one for up to eight sheets of paper and the other for credit cards. A reverse switch comes in handy if you accidentally overfeed the paper slot.

The Royal CX80 scores well in reviews with experts and consumers. Bestcovery, for example, names it one of the best paper shredders overall, citing features such as the reverse run for clearing jams and the slide-out basket. Experts at Good Housekeeping commend the fast shred speed but report that 100 sheets is the maximum for a single shredding session. In users' Royal CX80 reviews at sites like Staples and, they write that the shredder works to its stated eight-sheet capacity and its slim profile means it nestles easily under a desk. The few dings directed its way concern the relatively small 2.75-gallon bin, the angle of the throat (can be tricky to load, asserts one review), and the modest price. One user even admits this latter attribute caused some initial hesitation, but it was quickly dispelled once seeing the Royal CX80 (starting at $70, Amazon) in action.

This model can handle up to eight sheets of paper in one pass (including staples) through its 8.75-inch throat, and one credit card at a time through the smaller, dedicated slot. There's an auto start/stop, and the transparent pull-out bin lets you quickly see when it's time to empty the contents. Users apparently like not having to take apart the shredder (i.e., lift off the shredding head, as is the case with other models) when disposing of waste.

Given the price point and host of user-friendly features, the Royal CX80 is a good choice for consumers with modest shredding requirements.

Maralyn Edid

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