Beltronics Vector 940 Review


This is a cheap radar detector that's been around the block a few times. Still, experts posting Beltronics Vector 940 reviews say it's a solid choice at a relatively cheap price point and performs better than some pricier models. Its VG-2 immunity, which protects it against police radar-detector detectors, wins points in a review on Radar Detector Ratings, which notes this is a handy feature to have in states where radar detectors are banned. Users, too, are fans of this device. One writes in a review on Car Review that he settled on this model after doing lots of research and it has not disappointed. And while one driver notes on Epinions that the mount broke shortly after installation, he and others attest that the radar detector itself is reliable and has saved them from speeding into a trap. On the other hand, we did come across one review complaining about occasional false alarms even though setting the unit to city mode should filter out most errant signals. Remember to start your car before turning on the radar detector: one user posting on Amazon reports he fried the detector by not following proper procedures. Blame the quick power spike to the cigarette lighter, where most detectors are plugged in. Best practice for any radar detector connected to a car lighter is to leave the unit unplugged when the car is off and plug it in after the car is turned on.

The Beltronics Vector 940 (starting at $140, Amazon) is a good value but it offers little along the lines of extras. It features one city mode, a tone alert, high definition display, brightness control with dark mode, and digital signal processing to lower false alerts. And it has the ability to detect a radar gun signal at 10,000 feet, a good result for a detector in the cheap price range.

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Users say the mount for this model isn't very sturdy or reliable in the long run, but this is a common complaint for plastic suction cup mounts. Despite this shortcoming and the basic feature set, experts and users conclude that the Beltronics Vector 940 is a decent value based on its range and overall performance.

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