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Pros: The Proctor Silex 33015Y (starting at $18, Amazon) is a diminutive manual slow cooker that scores enthusiastic reviews on Amazon. Users laud the compact size and versatility, saying it holds just the right amount for two and leaves a one-person household with leftovers. According to reviews, it comes in handy for consumers who lack access to a kitchen (do you work in an office or live in a dorm?) and serves as the perfect vessel for steel-cut oats that cook overnight to be enjoyed at breakfast. One review says it handily replaces a pressure cooker for making soup; another reports its suitability for rice dishes or a chicken and veggie dinner; yet another relies on it when preparing gravy for large family dinners; and a hobbyist uses it for making soap. This is a manual slow cooker without a timer, a factor that one user deems only a slight inconvenience. The solution provided by this DIY type: Connect the unit to a timer and the timer to an outlet.

Cons: We came across a bit of low-level grumbling about one thing or another. Among the nearly 800 reviews on Amazon, which average 4.5 stars out of 5, are comments about inadequate heat (forget trying to cook lentils, grouses one reviewer), excessive heat (rice cooked way too fast, reports another), leakage out the top due to ill-fitting lids, and total product breakdown after limited use.

Features: The Proctor Silex 33015Y is a miniaturized version of a large, fully functional slow cooker. This round, white, 1.5-quart model features the standard three heat settings (high, low, and warm) found on entry-level slow cookers, as well as an off option. The removable stoneware insert and clear, tempered-glass lid are dishwasher-safe; the crock also can be used to store leftovers in the refrigerator. The side handles and grip on the lid are meant to stay cool to the touch.

Takeaway: Given the model's performance and what passes for a decent array of features in this bottom segment of the market, the Proctor Silex 33015Y is the right choice for anyone seeking an inexpensive, very small, and dependable slow cooker.

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