Snow Joe Ultra Review


Think Twice

Despite an impressive feature set and decent snow clearing ability, many consumers wish they had steered clear of this electric-snow blower because of disappointing build quality.

On paper, the Snow Joe Ultra 622U1 electric snow blower (starting at $168, Amazon) seems like a deal. It has a lot of power for the price and its light weight makes it easy to handle (ladies, that includes you). Snow Joe Ultra reviews generally say this model is adequate for moderate amounts of snow. In a review on Sam's Club, one consumer says it cleared a 100-foot long driveway in 30 minutes. Users posting reviews at Overstock similarly report it works well on fresh snow up to about 6 inches and about half that on wet or crusty snow. Other reviews say it even manages in big storms, cutting into the depths a bit at a time.

On the other hand, plenty of Snow Joe Ultra 622U1 reviews complain about the build quality. On Snow Blowers Direct, and Amazon, users grumble about blades and augers that can't withstand the force of ice and heavy snow and plastic parts that become brittle in the cold and susceptible to cracking. Consumers also say vibrations loosen critical bolts and the wheels bog down in deeper snow and sometimes slip out of place.

The Snow Joe Ultra sports a 13-amp motor that can move up to 800 pounds of snow a minute. It cuts a path 11 inches deep and 19 inches wide. The discharge chute is manually adjustable along a 180-degree arc (some reviews say heavy snow pushes it back to center) and the maximum throw is 20 feet. The unit weighs 36 pounds.

When the Snow Joe Ultra holds together, it does what it's meant to do. But the number of discontented purchasers and the nature of their complaints raise doubts about this model's reliability and durability.

Elizabeth Sheer

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