Oster Vega TSSTTVVG01 Review


Think Twice

Retro styling appeals to many consumers who subsequently find the functionality of the four-slice Oster Vega TSSTTVVG01 falls short.

With its rounded retro aesthetic, the four-slice Oster Vega TSSTTVVG01 (starting at $29, Amazon) is a looker, but one with issues. Users gripe in Oster Vega TSSTTVVG01 reviews that making toast is too complicated -- fiddling with both dials is a must, getting to the desired settings is dicey, and the process too often dries rather than toasts the bread. Consumers object to the limited choice between dark and light toast and to markings for toast and broil that are too close together. Several also report that the unit runs way too hot; one post at Best Buy refers to it as a "burnster." A few reviews further contend that the appliance seems flimsy. Still, some consumers are satisfied with both the toasting and baking functions, according to reviews at Amazon, but these supporters are in the minority.

The Oster Vega TSSTTVVG01 comes with a baking pan and pull-out crumb tray. The oven temperature reaches 450 degrees and a 30-minute timer (with a "stay on" override) automatically shuts off the heating elements. There is a one-year limited warranty on this model.

Apart from the styling, there's not much to commend the Oster Vega TSSTTVVG01. For the same price you have your pick of better performers.

Elizabeth Sheer

Elizabeth Sheer is a Brooklyn-based writer and researcher. In addition to researching and writing about household appliances and other consumer items, Elizabeth draws on her history of preparing cooking-related articles to conduct taste tests on all things delicious.

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